20th International CEREC Trainers Course Beijing 2017

International renowned speakers from many different countries as well as members of the R&D Department of Dentsply Sirona make sure that you will be on the edge of tomorrow’s knowledge.

19 years ago the first ISCD Certified CEREC Trainers Course took place in Berlin, Gemany. CEREC trainers from the United States, Canada, Australia, Sweden, United Kingdom and Germany gathered for the first of many more ”Train the Trainer” Courses. Objective has always been to get updated not just in the CEREC method but also in ways to train fellow dentist most effectively in the proper use of the system, including updates in software, hardware as well as in adhesive dentistry. More than 400 dentists have been certified in the meantime, many of whom return for recertification every other year.

IDS Update, CEREC SW 4.5, Shade Analysis & New Materials

With the introduction of the SpeedFire furnace for CEREC Zirconia, Single-Visit-Dentistry becomes reality. Using the Omnicam, CEREC SW 4.5 makes shade analysis possible. New features like dual buccal bites improve the precision on long span restorations. Overview of SICAT applications and inLab 16 will keep you up-to-date.

Dentists Only & Guests

Because of the nature of the course only practicing dentists can participate in the
ISCD Certified CEREC Trainers Course and become an ISCD Certified Trainer or renew
their certification. CEREC sales representatives can also participate in the course as guests
(without being able to become certified). Before you fill out the application form please consider that you need to have a broad understanding of the CEREC method. If you are a beginner to the system and have less than a year’s experience with the system you will be asked to participate in a preliminary course prior to taking the ISCD CEREC Trainers Course.

Case Presentation & Other Requirements

Your application will be reviewed by the educational committee of the ISCD within 10 days of your submission, upon which you will be invited to join us for the next ISCD CEREC Trainers Course. You need to attach a case presentation of a CEREC case that was treated by yourself and submit the case together with the corresponding .rst file via internet. If you are a practicing dentist and have already successfully participated in an earlier ISCD Certified CEREC Trainers Course you will be admitted without further reviewing. Participation in the course and passing a final written exam (with more than 60% correct answers) at the end of the course will grant you an “ISCD Certified CEREC Trainer” status for the next two years.

Great Bonus for Updaters

The dramatically increasing amount of information requires a new course concept, making it necessary for all attendees to participate the full two days. Those who have already attended in one of the last ISCD CEREC Trainer Courses in Cape Town (2015), Tokyo (2015) or Berlin (2016) will receive a substantial rebate on the course fee.

Download our Application (PDF) here